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Phrase origination: 'That's Gay'.

'Teh Ghey', is an Internet slang-based phrase, used to express dislike for something, someplace, or something.

'Teh Ghey' has nothing to do with homosexuals/gay people, although some people seem to think so.
"iPods are teh ghey."

"iTunes are teh ghey."

"That movie I went to see last night was teh ghey."

"Trish is annoying. Everything she talks about is teh ghey!!"
by UberN00b January 20, 2005

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an uber n00b is some 1 who suckes at gaming in every single aspect usally a townie (just because they are n00bish at everything in life)
uber noob: gets fragged for 1111 time
expert person: your not a noob your an uber noob
by UberN00b February 15, 2005

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