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The real name of that one mexican guy who ordered a mocha frap the other day at Starbucks but knew the barista couldn't spell his name so he used his alias "Jose"
Ubaldo: "God why did I come to Starbucks I have no idea what I'm doing and they won't be able to spell my real name I guess I'll say my name is Jose"
by lil a from da hood July 12, 2015
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Good looking , sweet and adorable and is kinda like a teddy bear ...
I'm happy I'm dating Ubaldo
by 22l June 24, 2017
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This is the name of a true Thot slayer, he will stop not until the job has been done, he swings around with a dick in his hand beating thots mercilessly until they breathe their last breath, he will destroy thots, and respect women
Ayy, it's that nigga Ubaldo, you bouta slay some thots?

Ubaldo:yeah nibba
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by January 17, 2018
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A real Mexican guy looking out for his future,, very good dancer and very good lucking he is so cute and very lucky to get girls😉 He is amazing and has goals wen something is on his mind he will accomplish it and he is so brave to
Is ubaldo going to the party ??
Yes you know how he is he will get a lot of girls 😉
by Mexican knower March 15, 2017
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