Also Australian slang to do a u-turn in your car can be termed as to "Chuck a u-ey" - as in perform that manouvre
P1: You missed that turn-off
P2: Crap, better chuck a u-ey
by muttman August 20, 2004
Short for U turn. A "U-TURN" is a car turning around 180º making the shape of a "U"
I got my car stuck on the railroad tracks making a u-ey.

Go left...yeah...ok, make a u-ey now.
by BObo D. HObo July 10, 2004
A shorten form of "U-Turn," turning in the opposite direction you're driving.
Put your seatbelt on,
cuz there's hella cops parked up the block.
Well nigga bust a U-ey then.
Nigga fire up that doobie then.
by Alf May 12, 2006
"Holy shit, there's cops on the end of the block!"
"Nigga bust a u-ey then!"
by Hikari-san May 27, 2007
When one needs to take a u-turn fast, one would pop a u-ey.
Mom you missed the light, pop a u-ey at the next corner

Pop a u-ey, then make a left at the exit
by james smith 34 August 25, 2012
a u-turn (usually in places you shouldn't)
I pulled a u-ey because the train blocked my route.
You can't pull a u-ey in a school zone.
by buggybaby11 November 10, 2011
when someone drinks a shot of hard liquor and immediately throws it back up
Miranda had a shot of Jack and had to pull a u-ey into the trash can
by Tor-whore August 10, 2014