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Also Australian slang to do a u-turn in your car can be termed as to "Chuck a u-ey" - as in perform that manouvre
P1: You missed that turn-off
P2: Crap, better chuck a u-ey
by muttman August 20, 2004
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Short for U turn. A "U-TURN" is a car turning around 180ΒΊ making the shape of a "U"
I got my car stuck on the railroad tracks making a u-ey.

Go left...yeah...ok, make a u-ey now.
by BObo D. HObo July 10, 2004
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To take a U-Turn

i guess this is a New England thing
Cab driver : "i'll just bang(make a/take) a uey on the next stoplight"
by wickedNH February 06, 2004
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