"tze" just like "pfft" or "meh"
"i know it better" "tze"
by n0n4m3 August 19, 2004
A kinky person who believes that they are a boob expert, even though they clearly are not an expert but a pervert. They believe they are the God of chemistry and love to use pick up lines
"Oh my god look at that person, so Tze Yang"
"That clearly is a Tze Yang"
by Jcin October 13, 2018
Tze Rui is a smart and intelligent girl. She loves to study and hates pranks although she loves to joke around. Sheโ€™s pretty and all the boys love her amazing intelligence. She is shy but is able to make friends. Sheโ€™s organised and extremely hygienic .
Teacher: โ€œ Did anyone not complete their homework?โ€ Class: โ€œ No, Mr Teacher!โ€ Teacher โ€œ Well then everyone has memorised pi right?โ€ Class: โ€œ Yes, Mr Teacher!โ€ Teacher โ€œThen class lets all say the numbers of pi!โ€ Class: โ€œUhh, Ok Mr, Teacher. Uh 3.9....โ€ Tze Rui: Itโ€™s 3.14159265359!โ€ Teacher: โ€œYes so only Tze Rui completed the Homework?โ€ Class: *nods*
by Hellavator March 14, 2019
If your name is Tze Hng you are random as fuck.
Wow! You must be a Tze Hng! No way! Insanity!
by jeffjeffreyjeff November 23, 2021
Tze Wei is someone really pretty and kind, someone who is caring too
tze wei will always care for u no matter what
by Callmepappy April 13, 2022
A very Asian boy with a very weird sense of humour. He extremely loves the charging port in a room and will stick to it like it is his girlfriend.
Tze Hern, stop kissing the charging port