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A young strong confident woman. Puts hope and passion in whatever she does. Has always had the motto "loyalty before royalty". Yes she's not always good but we know in her heart she means good. Has always been smart and never been ballhead. If I were you I'd get me a "Tyiana"
Tyiana has made a big mess in her bed room but used math to calculate the fastest and easiest way to clean it up
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A very sexy black women. Who has the PERFECT body but yet is very insecure about her self. Usually the nicest one out of her group of friends. Tend to be a little hotheaded in certain situations. Hides her feelings very well from her family, and friends. Very sweet and lovable. The perfect friend/ girlfriend. Always want everything to be calm and peaceful so she tend to play the peacemaker out of situations. If I were you I would get me a "Tyiana"
"That girl is so sweet"

"That's definitely a Tyiana"
by Hgirlrock May 22, 2017
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