Refers to a girl who you have on the side.

You have a wife or steady girlfriend - she is your (#) One.

The girl on the side or the one you stash away - she is your (#) Two.

Commonly used by musicians to describe the girls "on the road."

In some cases, even if you have no "number one," a random hookup or a girl who will never be considered for the "one" spot, can also be considered a "two."

Also referred to as "doing the two."
"My wife/girlfriend isn't around, time to find me a two."

"You gonna do the two tonight?"

"Where my two's at?"
by Metal Maven August 10, 2013
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The number of fucking genders.
Two being used in random sentences:

I got two things to tell you buddy
There are two genders male and female
via giphy
by LegendJorjie January 31, 2017
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Nickname reserved for those whose name contains two s's. i.e. Lissa
Most that fall into this category are: amazing, fantastic, hilarious, fun, etc.
I had so much fun with you today Two S You're hilarious!
by TwoS January 17, 2009
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double good bye (in addition to 'one')
cya cya, bye bye, peace peace, one two out
alright man, cya later, one... ok later, two...
by pimpinat31 April 29, 2003
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