Refers to the number twenty, especially when used as part of scoring a domino game or counting money. Also used as a prefix for numbers 21-29 in the form of twompy-(number).
You owe me twomps for the movie tickets. John just turned twompy-seven this year.
by Hebotron December 26, 2005
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rims 20 inches or above
" man that Lac on sum serious twomps"
by JB_GRIMEY December 13, 2005
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Originally a $20 crack rock or marijuana sack. Now it just means the number twenty. Also a turf in East Oakland, originally called the Rollin Twenties, Then the Twomps, now called the Murder Dubbs, or The Murders!
Dude bought a twomp sack yesterday!
by The Sensei March 4, 2005
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The amount of marijuana that can be bought for twenty dollars.
"He just gave me a twomp!"
by Mariel July 22, 2002
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Originally a twenty sack of drugs of any kind, or the number twenty. To trade stuff (i.e. electronics, tools, stolen merchandise etc.) for drugs of any kind.
"I just twomped my PS2 for a 30 sack, man." "Sweet, let's get high!"
"I can't believe you twomped off our TV. You're such a freaking losing!"
by Kurt 8 Keiner January 16, 2009
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Do you have a twomp of some chronic
by Ray Ray September 20, 2003
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