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A chick so ugly that you put a bag over your head just in case her's falls off.
Look at that ugly bitch. She is definitely a two bagger.
by Dave May 07, 2003
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A chick that is so ugly that you not only have to put a bag over her head before you fuck her, you put a bag over your own head as insurance in case her bag comes off.
It was "ugly lady night" at the bar last night and I brought a Two-bagger home with me.
by Crassanova August 28, 2003
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a prospective sexual partner, who, in order to enter a sexual encounter with them, you must not only put a bag over their head, but over your own in case their's falls off.
the only single people I meet are all either ten-pinters or two-baggers!
by Borne February 12, 2006
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A chick so ugly you put one bag over her head, and another bag over your dog's head so he doesn't lose respect for you.
Last night I had me a two bagger, and the dog suffocated.
by mnx October 06, 2005
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one bag just isn't going to cut it...
Her ugliness was showing through the first bag. I then realized that this girl was a two bagger. I then stuck another bag on top of the first one.
by joemammy February 28, 2007
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When a girl is so ugly when your having sex you both put bags on your heads just incase hers falls off.
Damn that girl is so ugly she is a twobagger.
by someboreddudey July 10, 2008
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The name for getting two consecutive strikes in bowling. Usually called a "double", the term two-bagger has risen in prominence. It is based on the idea of the "four-bagger", but is used for 2 strikes instead of four.
Holy shit, I just bowled a two-bagger, and you only bowled one spare! Suck on that.

#two-bagger #bowling #strike #teabag #teabagging
by Brawnsteen Bearman June 14, 2016
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