three people are needed for this to happen. In a threesome when two men and a woman are having sex, one man gives the woman anal while, at the same time, the other gives her vaginal.
John and I got a two for one last night.
by Brandino December 4, 2006
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When you have two really good pussies and you have one big cock!
Both of you bent over the table I'll do the job therefore you have two for one
by Blow me jjvgmkgg August 6, 2018
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A position used in threesomes that have one guy and two chicks. The guy puts his head in chick #1's pussy. Chick #2 then proceeds to lick the guy's dick.
Matt: Yo Ethan!
Ethan: What?
Matt: I just did a two in one with Sofia & Shoshanna!
Ethan: Damn, who was taking your cock in?
Matt: Sofia got it in the pussy and Shoshi got to lick it.
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putting ones testicals into a girls anus and then masturbating then ejaculating onto her back.
man me n this female where getting down, next thing i know i was copping two in one
by clickyray June 22, 2008
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This refers to bringing your wife home food after you have been to the pub. The end goal being your wife is not mad at you for being in the pub and you will get sexual favours for the good deed.
Friend 1: Was your wife made you were out with me and the guys last night.

Friend 2: Nah it was fine I just pulled a Two-In-One and everything went well for in the end.
by Guilfoyle April 30, 2015
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The act of chewing Red Man and using the spit as lubricant.
My dick's always dry so I started doing the Tennessee two in one.
by countryboycansurvive March 23, 2009
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Refers to da delightful situation where ya go to visit one nice in-her-late-teens chick, and she happens to have her best friend --- another hot sweet-natured teenage damsel --- over for a visit, and so ya get TWO pretty girls to hold hands with.
I usually try to visit my cutie-pie lady-friends in the afternoon or evening, since that's often when they will have one or two other equally-delightful blinky-eyed chicks over to hang out, and so I get a two-for-one special --- TWO soft warm hands to clasp or press against my cheeks, and TWO sweet smiling faces beaming shyly at me.
by QuacksO September 23, 2018
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