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Being a Shoshi takes a lot of work; everyones likes you. everyone wants to be around you. If your a shoshi your probably amazingly hot and every guy would like to have you in a bed. A Shoshi is one of a kind. Nobody can duplicate you.
Roger: oh my god is that shoshi?
Earnest: yeah. Damn is she hot or what?
by The foxiest guy here August 14, 2010
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A word that's used when you want to tell someone to 'be quiet' or even worse, 'shut up.' Typically used for children who struggle with incessant talking or talking over adults and others.
Sam continued to ask for a toy over and over again. He was disrupting the classroom. The teacher said, 'shoshi.'
by OT WHIZ June 11, 2018
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A word used by the infamous freestyle rapper Brycey Boy, from Edmond, OK

Nobody knows what the word truly means

I't was discovered by listening to the song bulls on parade by Rage Against the Machine. In the line "With tha sure shot", "sure shot" was mistaken for SHO SHI.

It is a rule that when you hear "sho shi" used, you must scream it
tell dat dude i said Sho-Shi
by Chunky Boy August 08, 2008
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Shoshi is the most caring girl that a guy could ever have in his life. She always is there for you even if you can't always be there for you. She knows you inside and out before you can even start to discover her secrets. She is the girl that's the strongest girl around and can easily kick your ass. She has brownish red hair, greenish gray eyes that change color with a nice extra bit randomly. She is the girl that you love with your entire being and hate angering. You want her in your life no matter the cost and she is the perfect girlfriend or whatever she wants to be known by. She hates messes and always wants people to be happy, but isn't afraid to state her truthful opinion. I love you Shoshi, and I am sorry that I can even hurt you.
Look at that girl she is so perfect in every way, she must be a Shoshi
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