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1. A person who is a troll on the internet. Can be categorized in many different ways; flamer, troll, annoying...among other things. Uses strange grammar that no one understands, for example:
"english please and dont me rudez i did notin to you"
2. A person who doesn't understand they are a flamer or troll, often they dismiss accusations they are being a twilks.
Similar too a: troll and a flamer.
Examples include:
Twilks of course as well as: Drunken and Sagster.
by The_King_Bee January 15, 2011
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The personae of being blazed and chill. When you are twilked out then you are just in a state of mind that no one else could even hope to comprehend. A twilked out person usually wears nothing but shaggy, corduroy clothes and has a disheveled mass of hair giving off the look of a stoner or one who loves to blaze.
"Yo dude I just tried to have a conversation with that kid but he was just so out there, whats his deal?"
"Yea man I think hes just really twilked out."
by weeerd March 21, 2005
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v. to indulge in or abuse illicit substances to the level of being "twilked"

"twilked" - an unknown feeling only enjoyed by Twilk himself

Twilk = the man who has perfected twiliking
Yo, you wanna go get high?
Nah dude, I'd rather try and twilk.

Twilk just got twilked.
by swammy March 21, 2005
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