1. The time between dawn and sunrise, and sunset and dusk.

2. An idiotic book by Stephenie Meyer that has swept the globe faster than the plague. Twilight may be a "good book" if you're into all romance, cliches, and no plot until after five hundred pages.

The book has spawned a massive, rapidly-growing, rabid army of fangirls that absolutely refuse to believe that there is another book out there that is better than their "beloved Twilight." Their denial has resulted in verbal abuse, violent threats, and even beatings towards others that do not share their same interests.

The plot to Twilight... is non-existant. The "book" lists events that happen between the obnoxious, whiney, low self-esteemed "heroine" Bella and her beloved, sparkly, ripped, pale, dead, vegetarian, vampire boyfriend Edward. The first three hundred pages consists of Bella, a plain, bland, awkward teenager, ogling over the popular, but silent, and totally HAWT! Edward.

Unfortunately, Edward wants to eat her because he hates how she smells... but that doesn't stop Bella, oh no! And, wait, here's a surprise... EDWARD'S A VAMPIRE! but he's a vegetarian. "What the fuck is a vegetarian vampire?" you may be asking. It's a vampire who refuses to drink the blood of humans, and instead feeds off animals. Anne Rice anyone?

After seeing him SPARKLE in the sun (because that's REALLY why vampires can't go out in the day! :O), they fall madly in love. Then, after playing vampire baseball (this is supposedly the explanation of thunder during storms... BS), THE PLOT ARRIVES in the form of three NORMAL vampires! They want to eat Bella. Oh, no surprise there. After Edward beats the snot out of them, Bella demands that he turn her into a vampire so she wouldn't be such a weakling. osoz too late.
2. Twilight Fangirls in action:

by Sekebetsu June 18, 2009
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a book that just now everyone is obsessed with. You can't look for a bumpersticker on facebook without seeing"I love edward". omg get over yourself! it's a book, it's okay to like a book, but not if it prevents you from living your life normally (or as normal as an obsessee can be)
girl: "omg i love twilight, edward is soo dreamy"
me: "sorry to burst your bubble but he's not real, the dude who pays him is ACTING, please for the sake of humanity, get over yourself"
by Like Duh! August 12, 2008
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Twilight is a young/adult vampire romance novel by Stephenie Meyer and a movie directed by Catherine Hardwicke
A twilight is also a emo biatch.

All bitches are going crazy over the twilight books and movie and shit.
But twilight is such a bunch of whiny emo biatches, what ever happen to badasses vampires? now all they do is complain about their feelings. And what about vampires don’t fry in sunlight anymore! So instead of frying in direct sunlight, they sparkles unnaturally like small sad diamonds, shit! Thank goth that robert is a pretty shining disco bowl or else i had left the cinema on a drop of a hat. Yea i haven't read the books, but fuck those damn books! Stop readig that shit. Use your own fucking mind and make up a better story. I fuck the teenage romance between a 100-year old pathetic vampire ass and a 17-year old frikkin emo kid.
ESTER: "You are a emothic twilight "
MARIA: "shait!"
by †reptilicus† February 18, 2009
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Girl 1: Hey have you seen Becky lately?
Girl 2: No, I lent her my copy of Twilight a week ago and she hasn't left her room since =/
by GianPaolo August 21, 2011
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A very horrible book written by Stephenie Meyer which brainwahses tweens and stay at home moms into thinking that the perfect man is a controlling liar,and an old cradle robbing vampire. Oh also Bella Swan is a key device that shows all females that they can't do shit for themselves. The man is always right and the woman is weak sexual play toy that must be protected like property.I just want to get out my pots and pans so I can start cleaning when I read this book. Or I might just go to sleep and wait for a vampire to stalk me.

Can i hear a Cullen knows best over here????

"Before you, Bella, my life was like an R rated movie. Very dark, but there were always women- some fat and some skinny but they were all to strong And then you shot across lap like pornstar. Suddently I was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was passion. When you were gone, when you disobeyed me, everything went black. I became angry, but my eyes were blinded by the smell of your blood. I couldn't see the whores anymore. And there was no more reason for me let you do anything for yourself.'"

a quote from twilight that has been edited so you don't get brainwashed
by Avangelis July 13, 2008
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One of the worst movies ever made about vampires which they don't even show when they suck blood, they just say that they are vampires. In this movie there is the star which his name is Edward and he sucks his father's balls. And Bella is in love with him because he is fast (The effects sucks balls), and he is strong (you can even see sometimes the string!). They're all assholes!! I really don't recommend it!!! You're gonna want to suicide if you watch this movie!!!
Edward: "Say it. Say it outloud!!"

Bella quietly saying: "You're an asshole"

Guy Watching the Movie: "OMG!! This movie sucks!!! And why is this movie called Twilight anyway?!?!?!?!?!"
by Danevati May 24, 2009
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