Douching with Mentos and Diet Coke to prevent pregnancy.

(contrary to popular belief, it does not work)
"Sally decided to try a pressure wash when the condom failed"
by Episkopose Gorm February 17, 2009
When someone, normally male, uses urine to clean "skid marks" off the inside of a toliet. This works especially well if done within the next 10-15 minutes. Works best as an unspoken agreement between roomates/partygoers.
"Hey man, I just took a wicked dump in your bathroom. Haha, left skidmarks all over the toilet."

"O great, next person to piss make sure to pressure wash that crap off."
by MartinHooper February 12, 2007
When skidmarks are left on the bottom of the bowl from taking a crap and you use your pee stream to clean the bowl.
Mark: Dude, I left a massive skid in the john.
Rick: Well, just pressure wash it!
Mark: I can't! I pissed before I dropped a duece!
by jubilantham August 18, 2007
The act of cleaning a dirty toilet by urinating extra hard on the grime in the bowl.
"Dude you need to clean that toilet."

"Nah it's alright I've been pressure washing it for a week."
by anon1904791 July 1, 2009
making a woman orgasm so hard that her orgasm soaks the sheets resembling the sheets after they get out of the washing machine.
I pounded Tracy so hard that she pressure washed my couch...yeaaa boi
by DLAZ February 10, 2007
When you stick your dick or a similar object into your partner/hooker's asshole, then you have them shit on said object while still holding it in as tightly as possible. This should cause the poop to go around the object and forcibly eject out the anus. The end result looks like a pressure washer spraying poop. DO NOT get in the way of this 'pressure washer,' it will inflict physical harm.

Note: Laxatives help to provide the consistency needed for the poop to flow like water.
Danny: Oh yeah John! Just a little deeper and then I'll pressure wash that silly grin off your face!

John: Yea! Pressure wash me all day! UNNGGHHH (orgasm) (poosplosion)
by tdnizzle111 May 1, 2011
When you piss on skidmarks left in the toilet to clean it and remove it.
Dude, I was Pressure Washing my toilet. It was pretty satisfying!
by toomuchnutmeg July 18, 2021