Dalton is twacking out right now!
Dalton is such a fucking twack.
by daltontwack February 10, 2019
The Newfie (people of Newfoundland) word for "window shopping" or browsing.
i was an hour early so i spent an hour twacking 'round the mall.
by Hepsi-Cola February 3, 2010
A person fueled by crystal meth who enjoys both tweaking and quacking. This would be twacking. When a twacker reaches the peak of their high, they will both indulge in a number of repetitive useless projects that never get finished tweaking and sit around talking shit on the latest "enemy of the week" quacking. The "enemy of the week or weak!" is the twacker who happens not to be present in the room that night and will soon be replaced by somebody in the room who is absent from the gathering the next week.
He starts the night smoking his pipe and starts talking shit about her who. We can be sure next time she is present and he is not, he will be the subject of the shit talk! Once he is high and project time comes around - he then spends the rest of the night taking apart his car engine with euphoric passion to somehow turn it into a 2000 Honda Accord Version of the Knight Rider! He eventually becomes agitated with the project as he starts coming down. The car is left in pieces for his parents to pay a mechanic for fix. He has spent the night twacking, and the next night providing funds allow, he will engage in exactly the same behavior - different people, different project, perhaps. But SAME ROUTINE!
by annoyedbypeople April 26, 2014
The act of flicking ones clitoris until climax. Usually done by a woman, however a man may do such an act to a woman whilst jacking. This is refereed to as "jackin n twackin" to some cultures.
Man 1: "Dude so I totally walked in on my friends bent over twacking on the ottoman together"
Man 2 "so it was a total twack fest?"
Man 1 "It was until I turned it into a jack n twack seminar."
by Mista Corry October 17, 2019
TWACK v. To strike with great force using the back of the middle finger (usually the nail) after coiling it under pressure against the opposing thumb. Accomplished twackers can inflict great welts upon their victim's flesh.
That turd cutter pissed me off, so I twacked him right in the munt!

On the first twack
Pope jumped like a macaque;
On the second twack
Pope was taken aback;
On the third twack
Lost his marbles the old hack.
(A. S. Pushkin)
by Clittary Hilton October 31, 2007
Someone who is in the gray area between a crackhead and retard.
You're a fucking twack.
Stop twackin out
by TheCreatorUBitch January 26, 2019
A state of mind in which methamphetamine intake has occured to beyond the point of tweeking.
I was so fucking twacked.
by Richard Deep February 27, 2003