someone who has smoked themselves retarded
Greg - Where's Tush?
Phil - Tush is smokin mad bowls.
by Kung Pow May 31, 2006
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She has no booty, she has a tush.
by Charlize Justine June 4, 2017
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The loosening of the anus after a girl has copious amounts of anal sex.
I went home with that skank from the club and when I stuck it in her ass, I found out she had a total mush tush!
by MistahBradshaw August 31, 2010
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The tiniest little peek of a person's (usually female's) anus, barely covered by the fabric of a thong, g-string or any other sort of skimpy underpants.
You can get a real good look at Gabby's tush blush whenever she bends over in her bikini.
by buffythethotslayer October 12, 2018
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in persian people works when something bad happend and they want to show their sadness. its more like damn it
by Meydi August 14, 2018
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Similar to crushing puss. When gay dudes go out looking for man tail.
Bro: Man, I love this song. Gets me in the mood for crushing tush
Dude: You mean crushing puss right?

Bro: ya sure... that stuff
by givehimtheclamps April 15, 2017
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