A haircut that is basically a buzz cut.

Close shaved haircut
Me: YO barber...gimmie The Charles!
Barber: Whoa! ur the 100th person today to get that haircut!
by bak3rme July 2, 2013
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While a women is with mother flow(Period) you have no choice but to put it in her butt. After you have climaxed you proceed to the living room where your PALS are and she continues to give you folatio(head) after its been in her butt.
Elliott: " She was so hammered and on roofies that she let me do the CHARLES!!"

Gabe: Ssssay Worrd!!! ( Quadruple fist pumps) YEA!!!
by TheCharcoal SKIN June 4, 2010
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Awesome, Fucking awesomest person the world, attractive, smart, loyal, best friend you can ever have, nice, friendly, funny, tech savy, every girl wants him, every guys wants to be him, the guy Chuck Norris won't fight, the guy Eminem won't rap the guy Barry Sanders won't race, gets what he wants, good musician, rich, damn sweet, best person to walk the Earth, legendary
Friend: Hey Charles let's get ice cream. I'll pay.

Charles: No it's gonna be free. I'm coming, remember.
by Cwest789 April 2, 2014
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Charles is an awesome person!! He is attractive and all the girls want him. He is also very sweet and loyal. Sometimes he may get a bit sexual with any girl he may be trying to impress. Charles is also very smart and kind, always keeping others in mind. Charles is also super hot, the sexiest being to walk the earth. He is also the guy, every other guy wants to be.
Friend: Dang that Charles is so hawt!
Y/N: I know right!!
by 21anonymous May 1, 2018
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An expression used to express helplessness, or a potential "Oh SHIT" moment, Essentially when you realize you are helpless to prevent an adverse occurrence from happening.
As i ran up the steep and muddy hill, I began to slip, and as I grabbed small trees to gain my footing in vain, I yelled "No Charles!"
"No, Charles!" popularized in the "im the juggernaut bitch" video when the Shiar chick shoots the helmet off his head that usually protects him from Professor CHarles Xavier's telepathic abilities.
by Pat in the effin hat April 1, 2006
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Literally the best person, kind-hearted, God serving, loving, generous.

Hes so great. But if you make him bad he may be your worst nightmare.

He is so funny, geeky, and really the sweetest once you get to know him.
Charles, can I get those digits
by Rai-hope February 28, 2017
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