(v.) To describe a situation, item, or position as better or more desirable than a person with a disinterested standpoint might contend. Often people will use this term either to make an item more attractive for sale or downplay the risks or dangers of a situation or position.
Randy: Hey, check our my '86 Yugo. Slick-shifting four speed, Eastern European engineering, easy to service. All yours for $11,000.

Brooklyn: You're candy coating the situation. Bald tires, mad rust spots, sagging shocks -- this car is a piece of crap.
by poorbrokegraduatestudent August 16, 2010
When a car has candy paint, or a high gloss paint finish, on it.

See Shawnna's song, "Candy Coated"
by Pomegranate July 4, 2006
When you eat then shit in your partners mouth, and then they proceed to give you a blowjob
Calvin was being a limey bastard instead of just face fucking him, I made him give me a candy coating
by tom1717 December 11, 2008
A slutty girl that is so cute and innocent looking that she isn't rejected by society like a normal slut is. She lures you in with her cute sweetness and you can't resist no matter how much you try.
by Kinky Cupcakes May 12, 2010
The act of giving a blow job where the cock has been coated in a sugar candy substance. The best way to achieve said blow job is to procure a phallic sucker, like the old-school twisted suckers, and manually stimulate your partner with the sucker. Then insert cock into the vagina and enjoy the sex. Whether you finish inside or not, when you pull out have you partner return the favor and give the blow job on a cock that has a sugary coating now. It's a dirty coated BJ if you stimulate an ass instead of a vagina. It's a Sweet n Creamy BJ if you cum inside your partner.
My girl used to not like giving BJ's, but after we tried it, she only gives my candy coated blow jobs now! It's awesome, she does it sooooo much longer now.
by Allenjon576 May 2, 2013
A homosexual act in which one male ejaculats onto another males penis and then sucks it
I gave my boyfriend a candy coated blow job
by Otis D February 6, 2009