The point at which a very significant change occurs; a decisive moment.
My turning point was when I moved to London.
by Aquela December 18, 2015
A significant or life changing event.
First used by "TSN"(The Sports Network.) In every hockey broadcast on this station they include a feature named the TSN Turning Point; where they show the highlite that most influenced the outcome of the game.
That right hook you threw was definitly the TSN Turning Point in that fight man.
by mapleleafkideh September 19, 2005
Turning Point USA is Charlie Kirk's far-right propaganda organization, theoretically aimed at college students, but actually aimed at senile boomers. They're making cringe ass far-right memes and funded primarily by infamous fossil fuel billionaire Charles Koch, and formerly by David Koch before he died and went to hell.
Random dude:"Hey! Have you ever heard of Turning Point USA?"
Every sane person:"You mean that far-right organisation that makes cringiest memes on the internet? Yeah, I've already heard of them".
by dafukyouwantmetodo October 4, 2020
A "3-point" turn that requires more than three points to complete due to either the road being very narrow, or the vehicle being too big.
I was driving the SUV down a narrow street and realized I was going in the wrong direction, so I did a 17 Point Turn. If I had to shift gears one more time, I think my arm would have fallen off.
by thebetterfriend2 February 25, 2010
Making a u-turn on a tight street in three total turns.
While driving, and missing the spot you wanted...make a 3 point turn.

Forward turn, reverse and turn, forward turn to straight.

You now completed a 3 point turn
by December 11, 2005
The act of driving an SUV or Truck through someone's yard or a corner lot for fun.
Dude we went one point turning last night and tore up the kid on the corners yard
by Phil Smooth October 31, 2017
The act of going to do a 3-point turn, usually in someone's driveway, and somehow managing to pull back out the same way you pulled in, so you are still driving in the same direction as you started.
Honey, come here quick! Some dummy is doing a Kat 3-point Turn in our driveway! It's hilarious! Let's see if they do it again in the neighbor's driveway!
by slackGIR November 13, 2020