Turn/Turned Over - Beating a video game so badly the game stopped working.

Origin: While the references to video games started in the early 80's the term originally comes from when pinball and other arcade machines used a mechanical score counters which would "Turn over" back to all zeros when the score was maxed out. When digital counters became the norm the term came to mean beating the game until it stopped working.
"Did you hear? Bobby finally Turned Over Cosmic Avenger!"
by Galvamel May 25, 2018
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When a group of people empties a bar of it's regular patrons by starting a big fight, thus taking the bar over for themselves.
"This place is getting turned over!"

"I reckon we could turn over that pub."
by rainbowcemetery April 23, 2009
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Fucking on the infield of a baseball diamond, the gentleman (on top) holds the backs of the ladies ankles in the air, pulls out at point of ejaculation, leans up and foward and shoots his load on the ladies face and hair. Then spinning her face down by the ankles he breads the coated areas with dirt. Allow to dry.
Pamela received some odd looks on the bus ride home, after her adobe turn-over.
by King Danish April 21, 2009
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To make a change in one's actions or attitude.
I think I should turn over a new leaf when it comes to what I write on this website.
by Light Joker July 22, 2004
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It's a sex act when a female and a male get together. And the male ejaculates in her nose filling up the nostrils with semen. The male then slaps the female with his penis on her head as hard as he can. The female then accepts the male's penis to incert her anal. The male then incerts unwantingly to the female a glow-in-the dark stick inside the vagina. Forcing the glow-in-the dark stick back in forth in the vagina. The female yells out loud three times " how you like!!!" with an asian accent. After she says that show some blood and/or get a bucket full of blood. Gargle blood, semen, vomit, and mucus/boogers/snot with the male/female. Whip your ass on the pillow leaving behind a skid mark of crap. The male then turns the female over on her stomach and her back facing him, he ejaculates on her back with loads of semen waiting to spread all over her backside. The female then starts making out with the male's penis while giving the male a blow job, during this process she rams the glow stick hard and fast as she can. The male slams the female and gives her Snorting Dragon. while she is trying to talk she yells out loud five times "Sushi Turn Over". The male whips his ball sack in dog shit covering the entire ball sack, the female sucks on the ball sack until the dog shit is off the male's ball sack. the male and female make out while the female's mouth is full of gooie dog shit.
person 1 - "ay need anything today?"

person 2 - " yeah dog shit, blood, and a glow stick"

person 1 - " sushi turn over?"

person 2 - " fuck yeah!"
by pigwhore June 2, 2011
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The phrase "To turn Over A new Leaf" means to start a new life again. If some one turns Over A new Leaf he starts a new life after recovering from a shock or after an accident or similar cases.
1. John turned over a new leaf after an abject failure in the exams.

2. Reva turned over a new leaf after she got married to Farhan.

3. to Turn over a new leaf was not at all easy for the children after the accidental death of their mother.
by EnglishGrammarMaster February 14, 2010
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