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This is military fighter pilots' jargon. When the last missile is fired or when the ordinance has been dropped on target, it is then time to quickly get out of the area-of-operations. The pilot turns his plane towards base and shifts into after-burner. This has since been adopted by the civilian community to mean when a decision has been made, especially if it was a poor decision, you forget about it and press on with the next phase of the mission.
Man, flak was hairy out there so as soon as I dropped my load, it was turn and burn time let me tell you.

I had three on my ass. I braked, banked and ended up on the tail of one. I pulled the trigger and his wing just exploded. I lined up another, got tone and fired a sidewinder up his exhaust and he was gone! The third one ran for home so just befor turn and burn, I fired another missile in his direction."
by Grey Swordsman March 21, 2009
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getting to a destination and immediately turning around and going back home, commonly done by truckers.
we are going to turn and burn so we can get back and pick up another trailer.
by thatscrewedupkid April 24, 2016
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In the restaurant world, this phrase describes the method by which a server will try to get a table out of his section as quickly as possible. This method is especially useful when dealing with customers who are not spending a lot of money and therefore, will not leave a big tip.
Popular methods include speedy food delivery, dropping the check before clearing plates, using short and speedy sentences, and anything else that will expedite the process of getting those cheap customers the hell out of there.
Waiter #1: Bleeding hell! My 4-top ordered 4 glasses of water, and they're splitting an appetizer. And that's all they're getting.
Waiter #2: You better turn and burn if you want to make any money tonight.
by kotero January 13, 2007
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To clarify the U.S. Navy term mentioned in another definition, it specifically referred to the ship's shafts/screws 'turning' and the boilers 'burning' and the phrase is in fact used (even though there aren't many steam-powered ships left) to indicate working hard, and steady momentum.
"Turn and burn, ladies, we only have four hours to get this wrapped up"
by grindlad December 20, 2008
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To start working and work hard. a U.S. Navy expression.

See turn to
Let's turn and burn!
by acemery February 06, 2005
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when you're doin a girl doggy style and then you pull out and shoot her in the eye, getting the response, "ahhh it burns"
i was doin janet doggy style last night so i had to turn and burn
by dbrownjr January 11, 2009
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A spin move in basketball.
You catch the ball in the key, discontinue your dribble, spin (to the right only) with your feet twisted and body weight slightly off-balance, and shoot a flat-arcing shot.

Often followed up with a Lyeton Hewitt "Come'on!" hand signal.

Made famous by Birdie.
"Birdie catches the ball in the post, spins and scores on the Turn and Burn"

"Give it to Lee so can he Turn and Burn him"
by jcho85 March 31, 2008
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