dessert recipe

2 parts semen
1 part gelatin mix

mix ingredients thoroughly in according-sized bowl. follow gelatin mix instructions, using an ice cube tray as container in which to cool the turkish delights. prior to consumption, sprinkle powdered sugar on the treats.

useful when performing The Narnia
Yo what're those Turkish Delights for?- guy 1

I need them to Narnia this girl for april fools- guy 2
by Aslan the lion May 18, 2009
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1. A delicious rose flavored desert.

2. A sex position wherein a hairy man ties up a woman using roses, then proceeds to sit on her face, and ejaculate on her chest, all whilst smoking cigarettes on a Turkish rug (Ottoman optional). Armenians are banned from using this position.
by Arnie Linson October 21, 2014
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Rhyming slang for taking a shit. Turkish Delight sounds like shite.
Crack the window open, i just went for a Turkish.


I just left some Turkish Delight in Leroy's shoe.
by harv_j February 1, 2011
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When you penetrate a black woman's anus to the point blood trickles out down between the cheeks - resembling a turkish delight chocolate.
Mate that bird was so fine I'd make her a turkish delight.
by Lt Chil April 15, 2018
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An act that involves ejaculating in a falafel or shwarma in place of white sauce, typically given to someone being rude at a resturant.
That asshole over there is wearing one of those "fuck islam" Shirts like there's nothing wrong with it, I hope he likes Turkish delight
by Stevemadden January 15, 2018
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Sugary, smelly and it is homemade, straight from the bowels. Where taste is concerned, knock yourself out!
Oops, I ate too many sweets, I feel terrible, well I'm looking foward to a turkish delight tonight!
by Captain Corned Beef March 29, 2009
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When you slap your GF in the face with your kebab.
Friend: what did you do last night?
Me: gave my gf a Turkish delight

Friend: fuckin sick cunt
by Whatahead July 22, 2020
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