1. a presidential candidate whom campaigns against a giant douche. introduced by the creators of south park. 2. two pieces of bread with a juicy turd in the middle (a nutella sandwich?)
1. sometimes, its always the choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. 2. after the hot blumpkin, the couple both enjoyed a nice hot turd sandwich
by KDIZZO March 24, 2005
A presidential canidate.

A Zei Kirin.
Bush is a total turd sandwich.

Billy, stop being a turd sandwich (Zei Kirin).
by TYME PART 2 November 5, 2004
A situation in which the alternative is only slightly worse than eating a turd sandwich.
Man, I would rather eat a turd sandwich than vote for GW b for president.
by Kenny bo August 27, 2006
Something you want to feed someone who has made an obsurd request.
"I am not going to loan that sucker a dime, however, I will give him a turd sandwich"
by ricflairismyfather October 3, 2005
someone who is pissing you off beyond belief. most commonly used when speaking of idiodic presedential candtidate.
god you r being such a turd sandwich! GAWD

Pres. Bush is a stupid turd sandwich.
by jiggawhut?! October 13, 2005
An odd form of courtship, performed when a guy takes a crap and the turd is on his ass and he smashes it into another guy's ass, making the turd squished between the two men's buns, making a sandwich.
"Dude, i saw the nastiest thing on google images, its two guys making a turd sandwich!!"

by Nbruno UAC June 3, 2006