When your get picked up by a Taxi Cab at McCarran airport in Las Vegas, Nevada and get taken via the airport tunnel to "The Strip" you just got tunneled most likely. Another way of saying you just got screwed. Sometimes taking the tunnel to I-215 West to I-15 North makes sense, but not very often.
That $%*@'ing cabbie last night sure tunneled me taking me to the Hard Rock. :-(
by Vegas_Cabbie June 18, 2007
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The act of only chasing one survivor in Dead By Daylight the entire game and instantly going to them when they get unhooked
“Ugh the killer is tunneling me can you take a hit?”
by Internetsavior September 22, 2019
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1. Saying something that renders people silent, looking at you, and wondering what the fuck you're talking about. 2. Looking stupid.
Person 1: Man this band sucks dude.
Person 2: They sure love being in the tunnel.
by DIABOLIC4L March 23, 2006
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When your mind focuses on only one certain thing and everything else is blocked out.
She was tunneling her ex-boyfriend and not listening to a word I said.
by Hamoto December 31, 2022
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The Tunnel is a very large and rounded entrance located around the pelvis. Many things enter, but none come out. Never go near the Tunnel.
by The Biggest Tunnel June 19, 2010
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Stretched ear piercings.
The holes are stretched with larger and larger plugs. When you gradate to a big enough plug, it can have a hole in it and you can see to the other side, tunnels.
"Man your tunnels make me hot in my dirty places. I hope you never get a brain and realize that limp hoops of skin attached to your head are idiotic."
by refrigerator March 31, 2005
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to inhale a lit roach clip through the anus
"Is he tunneling that joint?" "No, it's a cigarette."

"I''ll tunnel it if you tunnel it." "BUT WE ONLY HAVE ONE CLIP!!" "So, i'll tunnel it, pop it out after like a minute, then you tunnel it." "Every time we do this, your shit goes everywhere, and I'm the one who has to tunnel the mess!"

"Dude, i havent stopped shitting blood since I tunneled that blunt."" "Yeah, that was awesome."
by sourappletini November 12, 2011
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