Pronounced "ma-dur-day"
1. An attractive female specimen.
Your chum: Daaaaaaaaamn nigga,check that bitch out...
You: Mmmmmmmmm mmm mmm. She my dirty
by Hugo Peppers August 4, 2006
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A way to solicit gay sex in a socially acceptable manner via Craigslist.
I will give you $20/hr to come clean my dirty toilet.
by thelizx May 7, 2009
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A saying used as to exclaim "Fuck you!" or "Get away!"
Strict teacher: "Are you two having problems? Because I can split you up if you are..."

Kid (muttered under breath while teacher's back is turned): "Well you can just eat my dirty thong...bitch."

"Eat my dirty thong, BIATCH!"
by Lauren & Elin October 3, 2005
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to include someone else in you bullshit lies
Yo I wasn’t wit your mom last night homie
Why she trying to get my name dirty? Ho ass slut monkey
by BDDD1975 March 31, 2018
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My Dirty DM's is a term used to describe what you and your friends find on the dark side of Instagram. Whether it consists of small women being carried in trash bags, a man fucking a rubber chicken, or videos of kids pulling out guns in school. These also consist of a lot of Spongebob memes.
When I looked at My Dirty DM's I orgasmed so hard my chicken laid a elephant.
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