abbreviation for the word tumultuous meaning excited or wild. usually used to make others angry when they don't understand why you are replacing the word 'stoked' with 'tummy'.
"i'm so tummy for the party friday!"
by sandrawithoutthes. November 20, 2007
You must be really bored if you’re looking this up
I’m bored so I will search “tummy” up in the dictionary
by realfeels March 30, 2019
The word for stomach that people use, especially towards children, when they are secretly tempted to tickle it.
The cat was getting all the attention, having his tummy rubbed.
by SomeoneNew April 8, 2014
A cute version of stomach, if you use this word a lot there’s something wrong with you.
He couldn’t help but stare at Roger Taylor’s cute tummy, and so he became gay.
by Poopoo69420 November 26, 2019
A cutesy name for food, usually of the snack variety, but could also refer to a meal or a drink.
"I'm so hungry I want to put all these tummies in my tummy."
by Rayyyy September 17, 2008
A stomach ache brought on by the consumption of large ammounts of gummy worms, gummy bears, and/or other gummies.
Gummy tummy has a distinctive feeling, unlike that of any other food related stomach ache.
Mark ate a whole tub of gummy worms. Dude had severe gummy tummy after that.
by jewleek April 9, 2010