Tula is a girl with a lot of heart and is the nicest person you will ever met though she seems nice on the outside on the inside she is wild and funny
Omg look at tula she so caring

Tula would be such a good friend

Tula seems fun
by Ava Lewis April 18, 2018
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Tula is a beautiful girl, with a big heart. She may seem wild , but on the inside, she is funny and caring. When she walks into a room, she lights it up, and makes everyone smile. Tula is strong and confident, and will stand up for her friends if they need it. She has a few, close friends whom she trusts with everything . She is pretty, and you'll want to be her friend, but be careful with her as she can be very fragile .Never underestimate a Tula.
"Oh wow! There's Tula! Let's go and see her."
" Tula needs someone to go help her."
by Georgie Smith October 22, 2018
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He is a very large being, a globe of sinful continents that when poked and prodded, gets pissed.
Omg, youre fat and pissed like a tula.
by C-boi December 15, 2008
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