do u want some tula
did u say tula!?!?!?!
by dexlord July 29, 2018
in Chile they call the penis "tula"
for example, to get a blowjob
"chupame la tula"
by pablo saint July 16, 2006
Tula is a kind, awesome girl. Her parents were very creative in naming her, probably knowing how different (in a good way) she would be. She listens to you when you talk, and is very cheery. She’s the type who everyone follows on social media because of her aesthetic style and her comedy skills. She is quiet at first, but not shy to speak her mind once you know her. She has so many skills: she is probably a musician or an artist. And she is very talented in those skills. You would be lucky to be her friend, or just even to talk to her. She’s so unique, in her own way. She find all of her clothes online or when she thrifts. Everybody likes how she dresses. She’s also a meme lord... you’d be lucky to date her or be her friend.
Tula: A creative person.
by beebosforehead508 March 16, 2019
Tula is a girl with a lot of heart and is the nicest person you will ever met though she seems nice on the outside on the inside she is wild and funny
Omg look at tula she so caring

Tula would be such a good friend

Tula seems fun
by Ava Lewis July 15, 2017
Tula is a beautiful girl, with a big heart. She may seem wild , but on the inside, she is funny and caring. When she walks into a room, she lights it up, and makes everyone smile. Tula is strong and confident, and will stand up for her friends if they need it. She has a few, close friends whom she trusts with everything . She is pretty, and you'll want to be her friend, but be careful with her as she can be very fragile .Never underestimate a Tula.
"Oh wow! There's Tula! Let's go and see her."
" Tula needs someone to go help her."
by Georgie Smith October 22, 2018
Tula is the sexiest person you’ve ever met. But her perfection is unmatched not only in appearance but also in her kind heart and open mind. All in all Tula is the best person you’ll ever meet. She however has an unfortunate habit of being late everywhere she goes. But her habit of being late doesn’t hold up her life, just the people around her. She is also not defined by the Chilean drink or their name for the male genitalia!
I’m late, just like a Tula! I only wish I looked like one too!
by The tuka chark January 15, 2022
She is a kind and beautiful girl. She will take care of you she can also be your best friend. She will never let you down. She will always be a little bit late but you’ll always forgive her. So if you meet a Tula make sure to be good to her. Take care of her and never let her down if you are going to let her down let her down gently. She is very bubbly and cuddly.
I want a Tula
by Lottie Jenner June 5, 2020