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1. (Noun) A dirty German/Canadian who likes little boys
2. (verb) To wrongly touch a little boy
Ew! I was geunterized again!
by Steve Vandernagger June 14, 2007

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An extremely fat blunt created by combining 4 Swisher Giant Blunts into one, which requires combining all of the wraps together. It is re-rolled with marijuana and it is usually done so with high grade marijuana.

It can only be smoked and bragged about with 4 people or less. Any more than that and you lose all bragging privileges for your friends.

Terminology is especially common in Southeast, Wi
Yo man, when we finish this Tug Boat I'm going to be high for the next week.

Hell yeah, we'll be in outer space.
by Steve Vandernagger March 10, 2010

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