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sean: today in math i looked over and saw brittany's thong and i totally got a tuffy.
by castleberry loves kalishka March 24, 2009
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a caucasian male with a completely shaved head, to the point of flesh baldness. usually considers himself an important force who should not be reckoned with. quick to pick unnecessary qualms, music of choice tends to be sports metal. the rugged appearance and attitude towards life is a shield for major insecurity issues.
age range 19 - 45
Jason : "Hey Kyle, look at that fuckin tuffy."
Kyle: "yeah man, he just got off work at his construction site..would you ever fuck with him?"
Jason: (sarcastically) "not in a million years...I've got a family to think about!"
by the_advanced_bullfrog May 12, 2006
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The best bar at the University of Northern Iowa. A bar home to many exotic events.
Dude 1: "You going to The Stoop tonight?"
Dude 2: "No, I'm going to Tuffies!"
by Smanger September 13, 2011
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A very large shit that takes a lot of work and concentration to get out; a constipated poop; a dump so huge it usually clogs the toilet and needs to be chopped up before flushing
Person exclaims: Whoa, where the hell have you been?
Answer: Oh I was just in the bathroom having a tuffy. It was BAD! (and the toilet might be clogged too... oops)
by bumputer February 11, 2010
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A tuffy is a mythical creature. It is known for its black fur, Sharp claws and piercing eyes. They are notoriously hard to kill. They possess super speed. The best way to kill a tuffy is to run it over.
Dan: Tuffy has gone missing. Gareth: I saw her dead in the road there was blood everywhere. It was all over my front bumper. Tuffy was a horrible creature. That’s why I ran her over 361 times. Dan: Ffs Gareth why, I loved tuffy.(crying whilst saying it)
by Kingdab May 26, 2018
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