A disease that killed the most Bad ass character in Red Dead Redemption 2
Arthur: We are not a charity

Man: Spits on Arthur

That’s how he got tuberculosis
by RedDeadSaidMedBed April 24, 2019
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A person how has TB has been smoking and not at a nice place or maybe got the disease from someone who spit on them or from Coughing a lot
Tuberculosis is one hell of a disease that Arthur Morgan had
by Jefflit_FatBoi February 6, 2019
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Its almost lung cancer, in the anime Rootin Tootin Cowboy Shootin 2, the main character Artur FUCKING DIES FROM IT. But don't worry, Dutch ALLWAYS has a plan.
Dutch: ARTUR!
Dutch: t a h i t i
This is what Tuberculosis is.
by MyrightSaggyNut May 11, 2021
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its that is spread from person to person it effects the lungs mostly but can effect other parts of the body
arthur morgan died of Tuberculosis
by arthur morgan 1899 December 20, 2021
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The disease that Arthur Morgan gets because of leopold strauss, which Arthur then dies from and makes you have to pull out the tissues.
Doctor:you got Tuberculosis and will probably die.
by Arthur_Morgan12 June 11, 2019
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An often serious lung disease (the number one killer of all time human wise Mycobaterium Tuberculosis otherwise known as Tuberculosis or TB or tuberculosophie is a disease that breaks into your lungs then multiples the victim will also experience coughing up blood pain and fever (sometimes TB is fatal but can be cured)

Tuberculosis is also responsible for the death of Seth Chloe Johnson's dog Sophie
Jamal: i've been coughing up blood and having very mild fevers and i am having trouble breathing!

Jaquise : You've got tuberculosis!
by Lucky rub February 24, 2020
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Taco Bell. Each is represented by the same abbreviation and one is likely to get tuberculosis just from eating taco bell. But damn if it doesn't just hit sometimes.
Yo Marcus, we why leavin' the club? It's that time dawg, you know I'm tryna hit up that young tuberculosis
by Gregor Ford February 11, 2022
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