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1) A substance with which to sustain life through nutrition. To utilize food, place it in your mouth and repeatedly move the lower jaw up and down in relation to the rest of the head. If the food comes to rest in an area of the moth that is not accessible to the chewing mechanisms (teeth), you may have to use the in-mouth food relocator (known as the tongue) to change the position of the food with respect to the teeth. After the food has reached a finely divided consistency, you can use the tongue to push the food down into the stomach.
2) When translated into huttese, an expletive.
3) A word signifying something to be processed - as in "food for thought".
1) Mmm, this pizza is some good food.
2) Bantha Poodoo!
3) That's certainly food for thought.
by Toba October 01, 2004

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A sound made with the mouth to indicate that someone is being naughty/disobedient.
<@bibite> i decided i'm gonna call in sick tomorrow :P
<+Toba> tsk tsk
by Toba December 16, 2004

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1) n. bigot: A bigot is someone who holds predefined negative views about a class of people. Examples include anti-semites, homophobics, racists, religious extremists of any religion.
2) adj. bigoted: A bigoted person is one who is a bigot. Can also be used to describe an opinion.
1) I hate bigots.
2) Joe: Stupid niggers, always stealing my stuff.
Me: That's a bigoted opinion, you bigot.
by Toba December 16, 2004

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1) n. A nation in northwester section of the African continent. Very hot, humid, and home of oil, rebellions, and internet scammers.

2) n. The scam capital of the world. See 419.

3) n. A member of OPEC, one of the few in Africa.
1) I might go to Nigeria this year for vacation.

2) Heh, I just got another one of those rediculous Nigerian scams in my email.

3) I wonder why Nigeria doesn't just leave OPEC and increase production. It would save their economy and make the rest of the world care about them.
by Toba December 16, 2004

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Often used in skateboarding. Describes the rider as unsteady, a rider with lack of control over the board.
ohh this hang over sure makes me skate sketchy as ....
by toba July 17, 2003

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1. A person who customizes an operating system, a.k.a. MS Windows or Linux.
2. A person who speeds up their computer. See also overclocker.
1. You know Ken, always changing his settings. Such a tweaker, really.
2. Hey, that Dave guy burned out his CPU again, tweaked it too much.
by Toba September 22, 2004

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