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an expression of urgency and alert mixed with a feeling of anxiety, regret or disgust

triple oi, like hey hey hey

also a permutation of ayayay
"Oioioi! Don't tickle me there if you're not prepared to suffer the consequences."

"I already told you not to superpoke me. Oioioi..."
by tagadagat2 July 21, 2009
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the clicking sound of the tongue pressing against the roof of the mouth

used to express regret

synonymous to "what a shame"
Maui: By the time the firemen arrived, there were just cinders left of the house.
Glenn: tsk tsk... that's the downside of living in a remote part of town
by tagadagat2 July 18, 2009
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Genetics, Nanotech, Robotics - three overlapping technologies that will undergo a revolution and spell the ultimate empowerment or demise of humans.

It is an acronym commonly used in discussions about transhumanism.
GNR will allow us to conquer disease and aging. It can also run amok and bring on the robot apocalypse.

Advances in GNR will turn us into gods. Or dinosaurs.
by tagadagat2 January 08, 2013
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idkwth i am doing here. i don't belong here. whoa-hoh, whoa-hoh!

oooh... idkwth you're doing but i like it... ahhh....
by tagadagat2 April 13, 2011
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digital vigilante; fact-checkers, hackers or tech-savvy activists who seek and administer justice undelivered by legal authority
Digilantes have made it more difficult for political leaders to slack.
by tagadagat2 March 23, 2013
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