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description of a poker hand where one player holds 3 of a kind.
In a no limit poker game; player 1 is dealt KingKing, raises preflop to 16$ and is called player 2 who holds QueenQueen. The flop is dealt Q62 and player 1 bets 26$ and player 2 calls, the turn card is dealt next, its another 2, and player 1 bets again, this time his remaining $58.

Player 2 makes the call and shows Trup queens, the river is then dealt and a King is turned over by the dealer. Player 1 has rivered trup kings and hence takes down the 200$ pot, the f@**%ng moron
by agrodonk August 03, 2010
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1. verb. To purposly trip some one. Espescially done and said by a 6th grade outcast who trips a basketball star on their team.
This word was originally spoken by one such person who has a speach imparement usually meaning "trip" but came out "trup".

2. verb. to shit. usually unintentually.
Though the origins of this defeinition of the word are unkown, it was made by the same 6th grade that created the first definition and usually used in a joking or sarcastic manor.
1. Josh, did you see me trup bubba during basketball practice?

2. Dude, check yourself. I think you might have trupped your pants.
I think I need to go trup over by those bushes.
by Anna (you know who i am) April 11, 2006
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a word to end all words. means absolutely anything you want.. the new true perhaps, or even replaces other words
ex.1- Yo man what you truppin tonight?
Nothing I'm chillin with my parents.
Oh trups, that's too bad.

ex.2- That hat-scarf combo is scene.
by Mack// June 25, 2006
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what my roommate thinks we're suppost to support...other wise known as "TROOPS"
by Turder Sauce October 31, 2004
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I'm going to trup when I go to Europe next summer.
by Candy Lover September 02, 2004
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