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to nwerle someone is to bitterly seek retribution for a passed event that the person deemed unjustified or moronic, but the perpetrator viewed as a standard occurance. The retribution is not limited by normal restraints and will occur in a completely illogical places. The person being nwerled will often be surprised by the illogical placement of the retribution.
in a poker game, two player play a big pot, player2 holds trup Q's versus player1s KK, when the money is bet pot player2 is winning and player1 had a 4% chance of winning. player 2 is understandly upset that player1 won the hand and decides to "nwerle" him. one day player2 is checking his ebay account and finds a message about the hand, its says: you bet KK into trup queens you ****ing moron. he then forwards this message in extravagant and illogical ways such as in letters to player1s wife, on a decorated cake, by sky writing from red arrows planes, on billboards, ect. to gain what he views to be rightful embarrassment of player1, and so in his mind justice has been served.
by agrodonk August 08, 2010
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description of a poker hand where one player holds 3 of a kind.
In a no limit poker game; player 1 is dealt KingKing, raises preflop to 16$ and is called player 2 who holds QueenQueen. The flop is dealt Q62 and player 1 bets 26$ and player 2 calls, the turn card is dealt next, its another 2, and player 1 bets again, this time his remaining $58.

Player 2 makes the call and shows Trup queens, the river is then dealt and a King is turned over by the dealer. Player 1 has rivered trup kings and hence takes down the 200$ pot, the f@**%ng moron
by agrodonk August 03, 2010
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