verb. 1) to exaggerate, esp of wealth or spectacle. 2) to lie, cheat and steal. 3) (colloquially) to distract with sexual scandals and threats of litigation. 4) to deny connections to crime. 5) to golf. 6) to troll or be a troll. 7. To indulge clownarchy.

adverb. trumpic; see moronic

noun. (informal). 1) a lurid bestiality which insists upon coercion and subjugating beauty, as in pageantry, cockfighting, big sport, state-run media, etc. 2) an irrelevance. 3) a lumpenchlownarchist

See also moron, asshole, fraud, thief, #MAGA, Viagara, Cialis, Schumer, Pelosi, satire, tire
verb. If you elect to trump, you run the risk of making a colossal moron of yourself.

noun. Fuck it, it's just a lousy lump of trump.

adverbial noun. He totally fucking pulled a trump and pasted his face with lipstick and blush and ran for office.

adverb. Her trumpic overtures withstanding, she found herself reveling in the company of two-thirds a football team.
by @RealityWinner February 19, 2018
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The crime of betraying one's country, or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere. Synonyms treason traitor
Verb: You have trumped our country. Adjetive: You have committed a trumpean act. Adverb: You are being charged with trumping.
by VeteranPatriot January 13, 2019
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1. a disastrous and self-inflicted event or series of utterly calamitous events that result in outcomes which are the extreme exact opposite of good or ideal outcomes.

2. a state of narcissistic, authoritarian, chaos; to fall into such a state

3. to be in a state that is the utter exact opposite of reality and to be in emphatic denial of being in such a state even unto one’s and one’s friend’s destruction.

4. an individual who is so incredibly corrupt and devoid of moral clarity that any association with the individual is in and of itself corrupting
I. My birthday party got trumped. Interpretation: not only did I not celebrate my birthday but when I did mention the day, I was mocked for being a year older in person and on social media, made to reimburse my friends for all of the gifts they bought me even if I didn't want the gifts in the first place, and then when I mentioned I wasn't having a good time, was threatened for libel and then was told at gun point that this was an amazing day for me, that this was actually a birthday party like the world has never seen, and that my thoughts of displeasure were fake and had been subconsciously implanted in my mind by President Barack Obama.

II. After new management arrived, the organization got trumped. Things were so bad we all left to go to the competition.

III. The Fall of the Roman Empire can be attributed to none other than a series of trump-like emperors.

IV. Sometimes, delusional leaders will trump in order to maintain morale among their lieutenants and followers, despite all the warning signs that things around them are collapsing

V. Everyone who “went to bat” for President Trump, had their reputations utterly trumped. Quite a few of them ended up serving extended prison time for crimes ranging from lying to Congress to treason against the state.
by Percaeus Citium October 13, 2017
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to have the appearance of being large and important when in reality the subject is small and insignificant. to appear larger than one actually is. in playing cards, it's a hand that is claimed to be the winner but actually is the worst hand on the table.
That banana split turned out to be a real trump as there was not enough ice cream and even the banana was tiny. Playing cards, I claimed a trump while trying to bluff but my hand was so bad that I lost to a pair of two's. The new President turned out to be a real trump.
by mememetoo August 29, 2017
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