Verb: 1) to defecate on yourself

2) the act of messing something up so badly that even small children know you have done wrong; while simultaneously acting like you know what you are doing.
e.g. 1) "Whoopsie I just trumped my pants!"
e.g. 2) "You just trumped that book report! Did you even read the book?"
by Squeezeboxgoddess June 30, 2017
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A placebo suppository consisting of compressed monkey hair and an extract of the plant nasticus retoricus, usually inserted by a gloveless Russian grand wizard wearing a conical white cap and clown shoes. The medicinal effects of the Trump are negligible but the recipient of the placebo may experience a dark form of political euphoria from the experience and from watching the grand wizard sniff his fingers following the procedure.
Oh, man, that trump feels good - I feel like building a wall to keep those pesky Canadian combines off my property.

Brother, why are you sniffing your fingers and why do I have this urge to squat and make my feet fly out in front of me? Did you slip me a trump when I got up from the throne?
by aureliuspm October 5, 2017
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A trump (lower-case), is an equally stupid and evil person, who is, inexplicably, still in power. Can be applied to any gender.
My boss is such a trump! I honestly don't understand how she keeps getting away with this shit! Why does no one stop her? She is driving the company into the ground!
by Bumblepuppy October 16, 2018
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I want to punch that asshole trump in the nose and escort him to the gates of hell
by CollinsBOi March 31, 2017
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A man who does not care for
Butts that are flat,

Cocks that are small,
Daughters that don't call him "daddy",
Elections that aren't rigged,
Fingers that don't grab pussies,
Handguns that don't kill,
Ill-fitting dresses that don't show boobs,
Jokes that are better than him,
Kindergarteners that are smarter than him,
Lights that are on,
Money that doesn't grow on trees,
Nuts that aren't in his mouth
Opening doors for immigrants,
Politicians that actually know what they are doing,
Quick-thinkers that realize he is an ignoramus,
Real facts,
Sweeties that actually keep their hands to themselves,
The hard truth that he is failing,
Underwear that isn't lace,
Voices that need to be heard,
Women, but this
Xenophobic man will not
Yield for anything, not even a

Zucchini that offers to fuck him in the ass.
trump is fucking everything up
by f-e-r-g-i-licious13 November 5, 2017
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(noun) Another word for a legal traitor, or one who commits or has committed treason.
Benedict Arnold was an American Revolutionary general and trump.
by millstone December 19, 2020
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A politically correct adjective for someone who is extremely ignorant of reality or who behaves severely mentally handicapped with no discernible genetic disorder. The term derives from the unbelievably stupid behavior of Donald J. Trump, especially with regard to his involvement in a Russian conspiracy to get elected President of the U.S. and the moronic attempts to cover it up.

The term is commonly used as a noun in place of the word idiot with the hope of shocking the trump person back into reality.

It is also often used to describe someone who has been conned into voting Republican against their own interests.
You are so trump, the Earth is not flat.
You have to be less trump to get away with that.
Even an orangutan has more sense than you, you trump!
That was the most trump thing I have ever heard.
by wikiBOOM2 July 15, 2017
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