An individual that has no concept of others, unless they being praised by them. An individual that will negate scientific understands because it doesn’t “feel right”. Or an individual that exudes racism or misogyny with most of their comments.
I’m not looking forward to thanksgiving dinner because uncle trump will say something trumpian.

A: Did you hear about climate change?
B: It feels cold today
A: Ok trump.

A: America first! let’s sell our morality for a cool 100billion in weapons sales!
B: What a wonderful idea trump.

C: What a trumpian move.

A: I like you B, want a job? (C is ignored)
by Philio1223 November 24, 2018
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Just like my relationship status and my life, a joke

Trump can be a noun, a verb or an adjective.
Trump is a dick

He just straight up trumped that guy hard, hes probably crying right now (to roast the shit out of something/one)

My trump ass life isn't getting better writing this definition
by My supplies from Slovakia November 2, 2018
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sicko 1: yo trump?

sicko 2: *throws up and dies*

sicko 1: accurate
by kaka eater 101 November 18, 2020
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An unsolicited and unwanted grope of the female genitalia.
by Captain Sassy Pants September 26, 2018
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a peice of garbge
trump is out biden won bitch.
by biden already won December 8, 2020
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To spank with a copy of Forbes magazine.
"I just fucked a porn star last night"
"You mean she trumped you?"
"Same difference"
by Queen Buttrix January 23, 2018
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