A horn that is sounded in the fog
it is really foggy thank god for that foghorn
by Rhet Ribution May 4, 2009
1.When a man blindfolds a chick, tucks his wang behind his legs and backs up into a BJ. After insertion he proceeds to rip ass on her nose.

2. A 3 step process.
(Step 1) The Preparation.
- the man blindfolds the female. This completing the "FOG".
(Step 2) The Entry. (also called "the Forklift")
- the man tucks his penis behind his legs and steers himself in reverse into the womans mouth for oral sex from the rear. *reverse truck sounds can be made for heavier set males*
**caution: failure to hit target perfectly could result is serious injury**
(Step 3) The Prestige.
- After the penis enters the mouth the man's asscrack should line up perfectly with her nose, and proceed to rip a clean one. Thus completeing the "HORN".

One must master the art of the forklift before he even attempts the art of the Foghorn.

See Forklift
I once gave a homeless chick a foghorn to wake her up for the bus.

I missed the forklift and screwed that foghorn up.

Nailed the forklift, sounded the foghorn, and damn it was good.
by Bananacognac April 26, 2007
a bad shot made by a golfer stoned out of his mind
yo nice foghorn jimmy chipwood
by hair nick October 20, 2003
Multiple girations of the hips targeting directly at the head of a unsuspecting hippy and or victim.
I attempted a overdose....It didn`t work i just got realllly f u c k e d up. I did end up foghorning a hippy to death though
by Devin Delaney December 22, 2006
It is the inevitable echo created by the toilet bowl when pre-fecus flatulence is expelled.
by Beastman288 April 5, 2014
Foghorn farts are a deep, loud rumbling flatulence.
Gawd, Fisher must have a ship up his ass with all those foghorn farts!
by I, Wreckerrr October 10, 2016
Sex act: Blowing a "raspberry" with ones mouth into a partners anus.
After felching with Janice, i gave her a Berlin Foghorn to moisten my lips. She was tickled with delight.
by Kissykissybumbum March 18, 2014