When receiving a blowjob, laying down, and about to reach climax, the male farts in the females face, to warn her of the incoming load.
Male: Mmm... Baby, I think I'm gonna... *FART!!!!*
Female: *after removing the penis from her mouth* EWW!!! You just gave me the fog horn!!!
by Mass Special October 04, 2008
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1.When a man blindfolds a chick, tucks his wang behind his legs and backs up into a BJ. After insertion he proceeds to rip ass on her nose.

2. A 3 step process.
(Step 1) The Preparation.
- the man blindfolds the female. This completing the "FOG".
(Step 2) The Entry. (also called "the Forklift")
- the man tucks his penis behind his legs and steers himself in reverse into the womans mouth for oral sex from the rear. *reverse truck sounds can be made for heavier set males*
**caution: failure to hit target perfectly could result is serious injury**
(Step 3) The Prestige.
- After the penis enters the mouth the man's asscrack should line up perfectly with her nose, and proceed to rip a clean one. Thus completeing the "HORN".

One must master the art of the forklift before he even attempts the art of the Foghorn.

See Forklift
I once gave a homeless chick a foghorn to wake her up for the bus.

I missed the forklift and screwed that foghorn up.

Nailed the forklift, sounded the foghorn, and damn it was good.
by Bananacognac April 26, 2007
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Multiple girations of the hips targeting directly at the head of a unsuspecting hippy and or victim.
I attempted a overdose....It didn`t work i just got realllly f u c k e d up. I did end up foghorning a hippy to death though
by Devin Delaney December 22, 2006
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(1)-Distorted Voice
(2)-Person whos likes to be heard. Plays to the audience usually when supervisors are in ear shot.
(3)- Is aroused sexually when in the company of supervisors, ass kisser.
Distorted voice is the result of been stuck up the supervisors ass, large cavernious area. Nosie energy tends to rebound off internal walls thus resulting in the distorted fog horn sound
by Charrington July 02, 2009
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When your/any girl is riding you like seabiscuit and reaches back to flop your ballsack around like it owes her money.
Yo, last night this chick hit me with the fog horn...I busted so hard she landed on the moon.
by ssmacg December 21, 2014
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An annoying kyke that has no game. Grumpy, selfish, and irritable by nature, he stubbornly listens to Phish. Has a tendendacy to talk about doses, emit loud kyken oscillations, and bastes in a world of binger hits.
1.Like a kyke foghorn blowing in the wind.
2. That was a kyke foghorn! (while trippin face in FSCUD's pool)
by Tom Bergan January 04, 2005
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