A reference to something being HUGE, grandiose or phenomenal.
"The year '07 is going to be so TRUMP!"

by Fish Stick December 21, 2006
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Someone who is a compulsive liar, makes facts up as he/she goes along and labels anything they disagree with as "Fake News". A "Trump" is generally incredibly incompetent at their profession yet has somehow managed to reach a position of power, generally defying all forms of logic and reason. (Refer to the people in the White House if you want proof of that.) Additionally a "Trump" often gets side-tracked during a serious conversation and starts talking about something completely irrelevant before eventually getting back on topic.

A "Trump" will generally also have difficulty with basic spelling and grammar... Sure everyone makes a slip up here and there... But a "trump" will have people whose entire job is to proof read things they put out to the public in written or text form, and a "trump" will often bypass them completely.
Normal person: "We really need to deal with climate change."
"Trump" : "Nah... That's just Fake News."

Normal person: "Oh my god! Did you see that idiot run over a pedestrian?"
"Trump": "Yeah. It's a real shame it happened... But I just had the best chocolate cake in the world."
Normal person: "What the hell is wrong with you?! That pedestrian needs an ambulance!"
"Trump": "Oh yeah. We should maybe call an ambulance for that..."
by JohnathanPieforPM September 3, 2018
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taken from the powerhouse Donald Trump, to take over.
Yale gets trumped every game, by UCONN.
by Torr April 9, 2004
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Expletive used in place of "fuck" for all meanings except consensual sex.
We're really trumped now. That was trumping awful. Go trump yourself you mutha-trumper. You really trumped that up; now get the trump out of here.
by J Alston Kay December 15, 2017
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A small malformed penis, no longer than 1 1/2 inches that is unable to operate sexually.
When he pulled down his pants we had to do a double take, at first we were like where is his penis but then we saw the little trump.
by VerraX December 13, 2017
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An unremovable stain of excrement. trump
Can't seem to get that trump off that rug in the office, no matter how hard we try.
by PensiveMike May 17, 2018
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A polite way to suggest the passing of wind.
After a shit I sometimes trump!
by clicker head October 12, 2005
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