also known as "God"
Troy: the ancient greek god of erotica

Troy gave me a good time last night
by The last DJ May 18, 2006
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A man that is incredibly hansom, inteligent, and loves a good night out.
very good with the ladies, such a sweet talker. usually hung very well
That troy is so sweet, i hope he asks me out.

did you see troy? nah i missed it what happend? ohh he is hung like a horse
by tatts_19 January 31, 2009
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a really nice guy that will cause you to blush uncontrollably with his caring caramel brown eyes and pearly white smile and dark chocolate skin he will flatter you with the kindest word ever he is so sweet and so cute he will care about you with every thing he has he is a great friend and a better boyfriend he looks tough but he is a real softie on the inside he will treat you right and never hurt you and he shows respect for you and ask promotion before kissing u or stuff like that he respects your beliefs and understand your thoughts he gives your space when you need it but he also knows when to be their for you he will love you more that the world its self
hey have you seen Troy!!!! hes so cute and he knows how to treat a girl

I know hes such a Troy
by Troy_Lover February 01, 2016
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City name.

In modern times accounts for cites in Michigan, New York, Alabama, Illinois, Missouri, and Montana (in order of importance as determined by Google).

From the 3rd millennium BC to around the 4th century AD, it refers to a series of 9 cities overlaid on top of each other in what is now western Turkey.
Troy, MI is the 2nd largest city in the state based on total property value (Detroit is #1)

Troy VII is most likely the city refered to in Homer's Iliad.
by guided fox July 04, 2005
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the most vanilla dude you can ever meet. more vanilla in bed than vanilla ice-cream. more basic than a pumpkin spiced latte. the equivalent of a glass of water. nickname- vanilla boi troy
"oi vanilla boi troy wassup"
by frick a frack October 14, 2018
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Stuck up cocky ass who think he can get any girl he wants. He thinks he is amazing at sports and school, when he is not. This is a person who is friends with many, but is hated by more. His friends talk shit on him more than he knows, and he does not even like his stupid cunt friends. He trys to hard and fails everytime, he is a pathalogical liar and man slut. He repulses most girls except for few. Takes what people think of him too seriously.
WOAH! Did you see that guy over there?
Ewah, yeash hes trying to hard to act like hes the shit.
Hes deffintely a Troy !
by shadnk February 03, 2008
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