yo u kno that city troy it stand for tell rite on you
by 5stars October 06, 2007
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n. Person with no originallity. Usually white and in a frat, mostly from the south. Typically wears tight sea-shell necklace, short spikey hair, jeans with sandles, polo with the collar up, Guy Harvey shirts and sunglasses with a strap on them. Addicted to A&F, Hollister and alike crap. Says "bro" a lot and usually sports a fake tan. They tend to travel in packs and stay together.
That guy is so troy he is cross-eyed!
by gusgrimm March 02, 2006
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Compulsive cheapskatery, parroting douchebagger, repetive tale swapper, unpaceable drinker
It took forever to get paid, haveing to jump through hoops, he told the same stories that never happened to him cause he could pace his drinking, he was as much a troy as I could stand.
by youcanhandleit December 02, 2014
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someone who doesnt like to listen to their girlfriend all the time. Also consistently getting hurt by basketball and work. He thinks hes a warrior in bed, but the truth is, he's all talk.
he never listens to his girl friend? he must be a troy
by cutiepieeeeeee October 06, 2010
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troy is a homeless piece of shit who dates old lady's and likes dick in the butt
by pppppp098 November 07, 2017
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Sim racing term for when you run off track and have a collision with a wall or barrier.
He was in third position until he troyed it.
by Filthy186 July 11, 2021
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Cool person. Though in Star Trek the character is not important, in real life she is very lovely hot, unique (even her name is) and smart. You'll instantly want to become friends with her because of her free flowing personality and her way with words. Though she's not the best singer, her dancing and instrument talents are great. She often has dark brown hair and is tall.
Guy 1: So did you meet that girl, she was smart, pretty and nice!

Guy 2: Yeah! I did meet her, she's such a Troi.

Guy 1: Woah! And I think her name is Troi!
by ElegantLove January 02, 2012
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