n: a resident of the lower pennisula of Michigan; one who lives under the Mackinaw Bridge, which connects the two pennisulas.

Antonym of: "Yooper," which is a resident of the upper pennisula- or "U.P"- of Michigan.
"Are you a Yooper?"
"No, I was born in a Detroit: I'm a troll."
by brindlescruff January 27, 2005
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A girl or woman who acts troll-like in public; hopping obnoxiously, eating like a pig, having poofy red tinted hair(usually not brushed), has an unbelievably HUGE appetite, mooches off of so called "friends" or colleges, nasty body usually fat and or with a celulite tummy, sloppy, easy, sometimes a slut.

TFL = Troll Free Life
Cory: "Man! That girl is a total troll... nasty!"
Jim: "Yeah I know, what a turn-off."

Jim: "Ew look at that fat troll hopping around in the hall."
Cory: "Gross. She should get that crazy hair thinned or somethin."

Jim: "Mhm, halleluijah!"
by Trollz Slayer December 21, 2010
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1. A person who is sexually aroused by the displeasure of others.
2. A person who provokes others on the internet in order to fufill his or her sexual satisfaction.
3. A sexual deviant whose fetish is schadenfreude.
We can tell Tony is a troll because he keeps masturbating at his computer games and screaming into the microphone "u mad bro?".
by Anownymous December 28, 2010
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Troll refers to a person who makes inflammatory or hostile comments, which by effect or design cause disruptions in discourse.

Trolls provide a valuable service by making people question the validity of what is read both on the Internet and from other sources. Trolls show that expressing any opinion is as easy as expressing an informed and considered opinion and may get as much visibility. It is arguable that shock jocks and some newspaper columnists are trolling public opinion.

Trolls are also a source of genuine humour, which depends entirely upon whether the troll is a good or a bad troll. It's usually fairly easy to spot the difference between such actions: a bad troll resorts only to weak uncreative arguments whereas a good troll will create a subtle set of arguments which draw people in with cunning twists to provide a thread of non sequitur humour.
by BadBoyBubby June 13, 2005
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Basically, if you're an idiot, they're the people on the internet that try to aggravate you. This mostly happens to Justin Bieber fans, horny girls and guys on omegle, and idiots in general. Either that, or the troll just has too much time on their hands and trolls any random person for shits and giggles.
Stranger: m/20/california surfer with ton of tattoos, willing to share pics.

Troll: Cool story bro.

*your conversational partner has disconnected**
by Mommy Dearestt September 20, 2010
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Person who accesses internet forums with the expressed purposes of stirring up trouble or deliberately post contraversial material adverse to the general feeling of the majority of posters, or more often to be just plain fucking annoying and offensive. This is usually a result of an insane egotistical complexity that they cannot resolve in normal life, just plain old fashion attention seeking.
See Craig David on the Chavscum forum, and various other obvious and deliberate trolls.
by Spike T September 17, 2005
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