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Widely used slang term for white center, a city in Seattle's south end; known for it's ghetto appearance and unscrupulous practices. 'The scum center of unincorporated King County.'
"Don't go wandering around Rat City at night, unless you're looking for trouble."
by Thrash Unit 206 October 16, 2005
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Rat city is not a place on a map, but rather a state of being. You enter rat city when you are so bloody fucked up you simply become a creature, only suitable company for other sweaty and deranged partiers. Raves, bangers, festivals and 21st birthday celebrations are events that tend to have high rat populations. The moment you find yourself truly and hopelessly lost in the sauce is the exact moment you enter Rat City.
Did you see Morgana last night? She went full rat city and ate a piece of pizza she found on the subway.

I think Olivia went to rat city last night because I found her asleep in a garbage can clutching a bottle of everclear.
by Rattus Urbana January 27, 2019
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Rat city is a reincarnation of one of the greatest meme factions to date. After the call of the crusading rats of the Holy rat empire they are reborn as the Rat City Mafia. A meme based off of Mafia City. It was not as raging as it's predecessor due to the loss of great leadership but the Rat City Mafia will always strike fear into the hearts of all who appose the meme factions.
Ratman 1 "Rat City bitch- Rat Rat City Bitch."
Ratman 2 "yeeee Rat City for life Rattie gang for realz my guy."
by Epic989 March 24, 2019
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