When your dick becomes so large that it looks as if you have an extra leg.
"Wow that guy has a third leg!"
"No bro, thats a tripod."
by EpicDuckGuy February 05, 2012
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The three ultimate human beings. Comprised of three humans that, when together, form the supreme group. When together, suspicious activities are usually to follow. This includes: shmoking weed, abusing homeless people, getting obliterated, and forming NASA.
Fuck Man! You heard of Tripod? They be DAMN hot.
by Tripod Lovers June 18, 2007
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Where three men insert there dicks in a horse n have to keep it in there all the way round the grand national. If it falls out you lose, you can use anything to keep it in except superglue.
" Hey dudes wanna run the grand national ?"
" Sure but it'll be a bit tiring"
" There's a catch"
" What's that ?"
" Get your cock out and ram it into that horse, if it falls out you lose"
" What do you that ?"
" The Tripod dude"
by Captain HBK April 10, 2010
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The sexual position when a man turns his bitch upside down (headstand) and separates her legs ( resembling a camera tripod), then proceeds to eat her out, as she gives him head.
by MMoney January 10, 2005
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Usually performed by a Persian man w/ a well endowed NOSE. This procedure is performed on a woman before sexual intercourse. This will prepare her for the event. It is done by placing the large nose in the vagina and at the same time, you must finger her clit and toss her salad.
Hey Dude, did you sleep w/ her last nite? Yeah, but first I did the tripod.
by J.P. Shepherd August 26, 2007
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