3 close friends that have know each other for a long time and have such a unique bond that they form a group. These friends are elite to all other people to the point where people bow to them. This friendship is consider to be the highest honor.
Friend 1: hey when we getting the tripod together
Friend 2: me and friend 3 are waiting on you to get over here.

Other people:
Other person 1: I am not worthy of your presence.
The tripod: its ok you may stand
by ben pheltersnatch May 26, 2010
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a man with a penis so big, it is interpreted as a third leg, hence 'tripod'
You are a tripod.
by Anthony Zavarelli May 24, 2002
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1.) A three-legged supporting stand used to hold an object in place

2.) A man sporting a large penis

3.) A group of three friends who are mutually dependant on each other, and privileged to tell people that they have TWO best friends
"Let me set up the tripod so I can take the photo"

Guy: "Your friend Dave's ego is through the roof"
Kev "Yea, he's a tripod"

Guy: "Are you worried about falling out of contact with your old college buddies?"
Ben: "no ones will kick a leg out of the tripod"
by David Read January 23, 2008
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A man with a large penis who when naked appears to have three legs supporting him.
Billy "Gee, your friend Pongo has three legs!"

Jenny "No no, he just has a large penis"

Billy "Oh, so that is why people call him tripod"

Jenny "That's right genius. Well done"

Billy "Thanks... I love you Jenny. Wanna make out?"

by theflightmusic January 09, 2006
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A man whose penis is so large, that it resembles a third leg, resembling a tripod. A less extreme version of Second Torso.
Damn, that guy was a goddamn tripod! I won't be able to sit down for a month!
by Greg "Second Torso" Sheehan February 10, 2006
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A group of 3 best friends that have practically grown up together. And they can't survive without the other, same as a the actual tripod, which would collapse if one leg goes missing...
CHANT: Tripod, Tripod, Tripod JA, Tripod JA, Tripod , WOOOOOOO!
by Badgerette October 22, 2008
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Two foreskins placed over the testicles of a 3rd man
Dazza and Bryce completed a TRIPOD with James
by Sir_Patty December 28, 2018
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