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Act of catching someone messing up or doing something wrong
Johnny: *goes for a layup and misses*

Cage: Trip Trap
by TheDryBone June 27, 2016
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Something your mind gets stuck on while tripping, and you just can't get over it (often dominates the entire trip). This can be an idea, problem, person, or even things.
Dude: I just can't get over the fact that like, how did the universe come into being, what does it all mean?
Cade: Better let it go man, you spend your whole trip thinking about it.

Dude: I just can't bra.
Cade: Well you're caught up in a trip trap then.
by Cadillac Cade February 21, 2014
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-Someone who is likely to be tripping that plays a character to joke around with another tripping person.
-Someone who brings up really out there concepts to get a tripping person stuck on that thought.

-Someone who brings up really silly things to laugh with the trippers amazed reactions.
TripTrapper; -fake accent- ay mate, I didn't go to the festie, but I like to come meet people because you meet the REALIST and the FAKEST people at festivals."
Tripper: "man you're such a triptrap"
by Character 😉 June 11, 2018
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