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1. (adj.) - slender, slim, lean.
2. (verb) - to remove excess, as in trimming a t-bone steak, or trimming hair.
3. (noun) - the leading edge on an aircraft's wings, even it's propellors.
4. (noun-slang) - a woman's naughty place. (Damn! Does it always have to be pussy? Probably won't ever get to the end of the definitions under pussy. I mean, I love it (pussy), but cripes! How about snatch, beaver, hot tuna, slippery lips, carpet hole, bearded clam, squeeze box, red riding-my-hood, wonder valley, glistening bliss hole; even the better hole, piping hot tulip or milky onion once in a while would be nice. ... Do you get that I'm messing with you? Go write definitions for those crazy synonyms!)
5. (noun-slang) - sexually, any woman, when one is seeking some sweet lovin' (As in: Couldn't get any trim tonight, huh, dumbass?)

also: trimmed, trimming, trims.
2, 5, 1 & 2 again - I trimmed the steak as I watched all the trim dance their trim butts off in the freshly trimmed yard.
3 & 4 - She slid her trim along the Gulfstream V's trim. I nearly barfed at the bizarre and highly infectious act of sexual lunacy.
by ringhorne July 27, 2005

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(noun) - An American counterculture magazine which promotes and reflects the recreational drug use lifestyle, including columnists, drug culture news, entertainment reviews, reader's true stories, "top ten"-style lists, and offbeat editorial and strip cartoons.
Proper form: High Times Magazine
I occasionally read High Times in high school and my first years at college, since this dude I hung out with had a roommate who subscribed to it.
by ringhorne July 27, 2005

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(adjective - slang) - a person, thing or event that is disappointing, frustrating, unappealing, a bummer, a real downer; something that is not classic. Such as: "That movie was diet."
(Note: this definition, though inadvertently, was taken from Coca-Cola's choice of branding for its regular soda, Coca-Cola Classic, and it's Diet Coke. See example.)

synonyms: nasty, terrible, awful, lame.

antonym: classic, as such: "classic is good, diet is bad"; fly; sweet
Daytona Beach, FL; summer, 1987:
During the unloading of a delivery truck, most of a stack of Coca-Cola soda cans crashed to the floor in the back of a grocery store after being hit by an arriving, full palette of other goods. One store worker, trying to save surviving cases of cans from the carnage, took a lot of soda spray to his clothes, eyeglasses and skin.
A coworker, just arriving on the scene and comprehending the accident, joked, "Wow, that was classic."
"Nope," replied the worker, looking at his wet, sticky work clothes. "It was diet. It was definitely not classic."
Realizing the double entendre, a slang term was born (at least in those parts).
by ringhorne July 27, 2005

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(noun) - Harvard-style definition: flatulance occuring, and most likely caused by the activity, while one is engaged in sexual intercourse.
URBAN DEF.: a fart while one is having a fuck, or fucking.
also: farking, farked
(origin: the term is a mix of the two derogatory terms "fart" and "fuck"; Source: High Times magazine, 1980s)
He suddenly stopped banging her, dragging his ass to the side of the bed to avoid farking a third time, and swore he'd never again eat bean chili during a date.
by ringhorne July 27, 2005

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(noun) - a double intent; double meaning; a spoken phrase which can be understood in either of two ways.
(Origin: briefly, "entendre" is from French, the root word "entente," meaning intent.)
~OFFICER: "Why did you try to do that to the girl in the bar, sir? Can't you see she's far too young for you?"
-DRUNK MAN: "Well, she was old enough to be in a bar, wasn't she?"
~"She told the waitress she was in school, but she didn't elaborate."
-"University? Community college?"
~"No, as it turns out."
-"Trade school, then? High school?"
~"Elementary, my dear pervert. Now get in the patrol car."

(Also: See ringhorne definition of diet, the example used there suits this.)
by ringhorne July 27, 2005

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