"ill truth" meaning the same thing as fo-sho
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
basically saying "yea" or "cool"
Ashely: i finally pass that dumb teacher's class

Troy: trillz, me too yo
by datchik107 August 24, 2009
Originated by "young ex kalliber" upcoming rap legend. The word has strong intense meaning that is still undefined.
When you in the club, say trillz.
If you in jPaws say trillz.
by Mike chee September 29, 2006
That move was trillz.
Nigga that gear is trillz.
by G Gully May 19, 2005
Foreals, only cooler.

Say it every chance you get.

Feel lucky! You are spreading the word that will be a worldwide sensation. Coming to a real dictionary near you.
John: Did you hear? Billy got an Oreo Cakester!
Billly: Fo trillz?!
by ianhodges December 4, 2007