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To con someone into to doing a task or job no-one else would want to do.
2.To knowingly trick or bamboozle someone into to doing something they will pay consequence for.
He trick fucked me into taking his duty.,

I was trick fucked into this position, I was told it would be great.

First used exclusively by us navy sailors in mid to late 1990s.
by Chedgar3 September 08, 2009
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v. trick fuck

To victimize, betray, cheat, or take advantage of by deceptive, manipulative, or fraudulent means.

First heard in Mid-Michigan Spring 2001
Damn, your sister just trick fucked me into going on a date with her ugly friend.
by Saginaw September 12, 2004
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To be led the wrong direction, generally.
Whit Danger Pioneered the word to idealize the concept of being waved at from the left and slapped from the right. Often applied to relationships and salespersons
What a trick-fuck! My girlfriend paid a hooker to blow me in the bathroom so she could break up with me guilt free, Ive been trick-fucked.
by Whit Danger February 07, 2009
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Used whenever you get fucked over or tricked into doing something you dont want to do. Can also be used as "TF"
He said he was going to come over last night but never did....what a Trick Fuck!

Pee Paw ran out on the bill at dinner and totally TF'ed me into paying!
by A. TF June 06, 2009
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sex whereby a woman, on purpose, gets pregnant in order to secure child support. Often this woman is nearing the end of her child-bearing years and the resulting child is the main reason for the sex, rather than the child support.
Susan, age 42, trick fucked Danny so she could satisfy her maternal instincts and make a few dollars.
by Jim in Jax April 03, 2007
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v. To jury rig something, esp. related to computers, using unconventional means or tools. Can be temporary or permanent, depending on the quality of said trick-fuck and competence of the trick-fucker.
Dave was able to trick-fuck the network into working using a pair of pliers and an old Windows 98 workstation.
by nano32 April 15, 2008
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A phrase invented by comedian Raynard Jones in 1992

To trick someone into doing something they normally wouldn't, and possibly cheat them in the process.

Usually when you get trick-fucked, you thought you were getting the better end of the deal at the time!

Like when you thought you got a great deal at the used car lot, but it turns out that he sold you a lemon, and he knew it all along. He trick-fucked you!

You can even trick-fuck yourself! - see example
You: OMG - I just bricked my new cell phone trying to root it!

Me: Dude! you just managed to trick-fuck yourself! LOL


Some damn Nigerian trick fucked my mom out of $10,000 before I knew anything about it!
by scorpio7 October 11, 2011
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