most elite and advanced navy sailing the seas
kicks ass in everything from aero to nucs

hurah for US NAVY
"yeah bra, i just joined the us navy!"- "sick dude, you're hardcore!"
by somesailorchick December 29, 2009
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the best branch of the us military ever
i was in the US Navy and not you
by navy boy1996 August 19, 2009
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The US Navy is a branch of the military that is filled with so much homosexuals it puts the LGBT+ community to shame.
Son:“Dad I wanna Join the US navy
Dad:“For gods sake just say that your gay”
by AlwaysRight2158 November 10, 2022
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The Naval Arm of the american Armed Services Also British Naval Slang for something that is incredibly well equipped but Thunderously Incompetent see also

"all the gear, no idea"
"Yeah He's US navy"
"Jesus He's that stupid?"
by Jackasfuck July 5, 2009
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