The feelings following an enlightenment; typically in creative work (elevation of work of art, idea, ability, level of happiness), where one is playing with and extending further. As the paradigm has shifted, others may express the genuine feeling you have actually gone crazy, however the opposite could be true and the path to awesomeness is being cemented.
Noel: 'Our kid', I just wrote this song 'Married with Children', what do you think?
Liam: Not singing it, absolute shite, no fookin' way - you have lost it.
Noel: No, it's crazy good - sing.
by enjoy this feeling May 10, 2014
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Someone who is really good at something, I.E. Halo 2.
Something that is amazingly tasty

"Man that guy is crazy good!"
"I'm crazy good today!"
"That Pizza was Crazy good!"

by Wildstar January 21, 2006
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Something thats great or awesome or appealing to the eye.
Hayes: Did you see that movie called "Swordfish"?
Harris: Yeah, dude, I did! It was mad-crazy-good!
by hlmjr May 6, 2007
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Something amazing, intensely cool, beyond you expectations! When crazy awesome isn’t enough to describe your feelings, add good. Go ahead-add that third adjective!

*I Wanted to change Cool to Good, I submitted this yesterday as *Crazy Awesome Cool* - my bad!
Omari, that design your working on is crazy awesome good! Keep up the amazing work man.
by kimtastic September 3, 2008
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When someone isn't actually "crazy," but has a magnetic, creative aura about them. Soaks up life, eccentric. Unique and unusual, but still live in reality.
"Is that chick crazy?"
"No, she's good-crazy."
by Lynndi March 9, 2014
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